Fediverse 21 PL part 2

Fediverse 21 PL part 2

Petros Polonos

Book 1.2 of Strategies 21

Language: English

Publisher: TePeWu CC-BY-SA


Decentralised community networks for social sector in Poland (and elsewhere)

-- Better network infrastructure for the social sector.

-- Communication, information and cooperation under social control.

-- Technical interoperability for social interoperability

In part 2 we'll tell you:

Why it's not easy to go out on your own.

But that it can be done, provided we create an open alliance for the Fediverse.

How the 'ecosystem' of decentralized social networks (not only) in Poland might look like.

How a platform co-operative can become a neutral entity to support the development of Fediverse.

What further practical action is needed.